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Dental Implant in Trenton NJ

Dental Office in Trenton NJ

Dental implant in Trenton NJ

Dental implant in Trenton NJ

It’s no fun to have missing teeth. Not only does it make your smile less appealing, but it can leave your other teeth prone to shift and cause you discomfort. Even your chewing and digestion can be affected. At the office of Micheal Kushner DDS, our dental implant in Trenton NJ is the ideal way to restore your full set of teeth once again. Do you qualify for them?

Not everyone will be considered a good candidate for implants, but most people will be eligible under the right circumstances. Because our dental implant in Trenton NJ is placed surgically in your jaw, the first requirement is that your jaw should be sufficiently strong and thick to hold the implant. Some simple testing at our office will determine that. Also, your gums should be basically healthy. In the case of your jaw, bone grafting procedures are quite successful at correcting a jaw that is not up to the standards needed for our dental implant in Trenton NJ. There are other factors, including being a smoker or a diabetic, that may have an impact on whether or not you are considered a good candidate for dental implants. Once you have been cleared for them, though, the benefits are undeniable and very exciting. Unlike traditional dentures or bridges, implants look, feel, and function just like real teeth. There’s a good reason for that. They are constructed in such a way so that they mimic them. Implants are made of two basic parts. First is the post, made of titanium, that replaces your root. And second is the tooth portion, represented by a crown that will be an excellent color match for your other teeth. And with proper care, they can last you a lifetime.

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