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Oral surgery in Trenton

Trenton best dentist
Trenton best dentist

Ideally, oral surgery should be performed by an expert in it, and that is exactly what you will get with our Trenton best dentist, Michael Kushner DDS. From implants to the extraction of teeth, including wisdom teeth, apicoectomies, and bone grafting and sinus augmentation, you will receive the specialized and gentle care that our office is known for.

Any kind of surgery is something to take seriously. Just as you would not have your gall bladder removed or your knee replaced without being sure of the experience and skills of the surgeon, so too should you be concerned that you are getting optimal treatment for your teeth, gums, and jaws. Our Trenton best dentist fits the bill. Perhaps the most frequent procedure done is for dental implants. What sets these outstanding full-tooth restorations apart from bridges and dentures is that they don’t sit on top of your gums. They are fully anchored into your jaw bone. This is done with the surgical placement of a titanium post. Speaking of which, your jaw bone must be sufficiently strong and thick to accept an implants successfully. The same is true for upper teeth with your sinus wall. Our Trenton best dentist will transplant bone tissue from elsewhere in your body to augment where the bone is thin and weak, in order to ensure you can have an implant put in. These same procedures are done for other purposes, too. An apicoectomy is done to rescue a failed root canal, by removing infected tissue along with the root tip. It is often the only way to maintain your natural tooth in such situations. And, of course, the surgical removal of teeth that are no longer viable is done with advanced equipment and is virtually painless.

For your oral surgery needs, call our Trenton best dentist office and let us set up an appointment for you to come in.

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